2019 has been a great year for VEX in our school. Not only did we win two awards at our Regional Event in C.I.T. but we also qualified for National Finals which saw the top schools from all over the country compete once again for National titles. This year we had a brand new team from 5th Class. The students were fantastic to work really hard on the project and stayed behind after school to keep working on their robot and codes. The game this year was called NEXT LEVEL. The students had to score points by moving hubs (orange & yellow) to scoring zones in the arena. At the end of the game the robot had to hang orr a bar. The higher the robot could pull itself up the more points you got.

From winning the Robot Skills Award and the Teamwork Award it meant we qualified for All-Irelands (Nationals). We came back to Holy Cross and looked at how we could redevelop our robot and make him better. We redesigned various parts and came up with new codes to score extra points. The National Finals were brilliant and the level of competition was very high. We came extremely close to winning Robot Skills (placed 3rd) and narrowly lost out on the Teamwork Award by 1pt, finishing tied 2nd. However, we were awarded the All-Ireland CREATE AWARD 2019 for the best designed Robot on the day. Our first National Title!!! We are thrilled. Well done to all the boys and girls involved and to the teachers Mr. Hayes and Ms. Barry.